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The Rock Church Balancing gun rights, self defenseIn response to "Recording of teen’s phone call revealed as inquiry begins" (March 21): Should people without guns be protected from people with guns?Letters and commentary policyThe U T welcomes and encourages community dialogue on important public matters. Box 120191San Diego, CA 92112 0191.Someone I cheap Michael Kors Outlet know told me their father use to say "Anyone who owns a gun is a potential killer." I use to reject that statement as overly simplistic, not reflecting the responsibilities most gun owners exercise. After the events discount michael kors in Florida, discount michael kors store when Michael Kors handbag an innocent 17 year old young man was killed by someone, who some people suggest, was exercising his right to self defense, I am not so sure.Now I have to think, maybe I was also overly simplistic in not considering the hazards and dangers of so many people having guns with very little emphasis on the responsibilities of using a firearm. A person’s right cheap Michael Kors to self defense should not invade an innocent person’s right to
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